FATEA MAGAZINE (UK)  - ''A classic, rich and wholly authentic country-roots sound, with vocals to die for.''

''There’s no disputing the special talents of the Remedy Club duo – Aileen’s wonderful voice and K.J.’s superlative guitar skills, and the pair’s so-very-together vocal harmonies.''


MAVERICK (UK) - **** ''A rather special offering''.


NO DEPRESSION (USA)  –  ‘Outstanding album’.  

Mythen’s vocal range immediately pull the heartstrings'. ‘McEvoy’s beautifully pitched guitar’.

‘That’s the beauty of these two; they stamp their own mark to create something brand new.’  ‘A lot of country music adheres to a strict formula. The Remedy Club most certainly do not. Instead, in Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes they have made an album of refreshing originality which let’s hope brings them a lot of new fans.’


THE ROCKING MAGPIE (UK)  - 'My new favourite duo of all time.'  'The spirit of George & Hank in every note'.  'Damn pure brilliant!'.  'Clever and articulate songwriting'. 'Some of the dirtiest twang guitar you'll ever hear'. 'Damn fine country music but with an Irish heart and soul'. 


COUNTRY PEOPLE MAGAZINE (UK)  - 'I Miss You' has a spirit and urgency.  The harmonies are excellent, the guitar break is terrific and there is a touch of Irish as well as Americana about it.  Top marks.'


FOLKING.COM (UK)  - 'There are titles like ‘Get Away with It’ and ‘Bottom of the Hill’, where McEvoy masterfully manages to convey frustration and disappointment alongside lyrical images that boast a dark quirk'.

'The conscious idea of Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes make it a concept album of sorts, but without the ‘concept’ being rammed down the listener’s throat and while it boasts the familiar blueprints of a country record it’s not predictable or cliché, but rather, a good example of The Remedy Club’s talent for writing and performing good, solid Americana'.


FLYINSHOES REVIEW (SWEDEN)  -  'Lilting, sweet sounding harmonies', 'The late Scotty Moore (ELVIS) would have been proud of you Mr. McEvoy', 'Stellar harmony vocals and wonderful melodies'.


KEYS & CHORDS (HOLLAND) - 'Beautiful vocal harmonies, beautiful melodies, sublime arrangements result in 11 amazing Americana songs.  Highly recommend!'


THE AFTERWARD (UK)  - 'Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes is essentially Country music, very impressively delivered by an exceptionally talented couple'.

  'She has one of those butter-wouldn’t-melt, innocent voices that belies an ancient soul, kind of a cross between Shirley Temple and Etta James, soothing and disturbing at the same time'.

'KJ McEvoy is a classy guitarist, nimble and poised, never needing to break into a sweat'.



'There is an instinct at work here. Right from the gorgeous harmonies that are all over “I Miss You” it is clear that these 11 songs are special'.

'The class, the skill and the incredible ability to write wonderful country-flavoured, rootsy Americana continues unharmed as The Remedy Club'.  

'Mythen possesses a voice that can convey emotion like few others'.

'“Lovers, Legends And Lost Causes”, with its Intelligent wordplay and ability to skilfully nip off down whatever tangent it chooses the record is a stark reminder that albums can still be both an ear for classicism yet still very much be of in its time''.



''Love their wordplay and tribute to Tom Waits on ‘Tom Waits Up’ and the guitar playing on ‘Get Away With It’. Both have distinctive vocals and take the leads or harmonies on each song as required. ‘Listen’ To Hank Williams’ is another stand out, taking the classic Hank Williams sound and yodel, adding in their own tribute. Impressive to say the least.

''Country with that classic sound and a clear, modern production. The Remedy Club should be destined for big things in the country genre''.



''Mythen’s high lonesome vocals tells her sorry tales with a self-possession many artists never nail.''.

'An impressive, mature collection''.



''Most impressive album that ticks so many boxes''.  ''Gorgeous harmonies & aching pedal steel''.  

''Further evidence that Americana is very much alive and kicking locally and not confined to artists across the pond''.







''The Remedy Club delivered a set that displayed their delicious harmonies, McEvoy's nimble guitar playing and a marriage of folk and country with a hint of the blues. As a devout sceptic I never realised that going to church would be so rewarding''.   (Jackie Hayden - music journalist and author)


  • ''The high NRG roots combo have been rocking our world of late - a formidable live prospect, their album 'Forgotten Books' is a gem''.  (Derek O' Connor -IMAGE MAGAZINE)


  • ''With a stellar backing band making all the right noises, the pair’s easy-going voices are to the fore. The title-track is a country murder ballad that recalls Mark Lanegan’s similar outing with Isobel Campbell or even Nick Cave and Kylie’s one-off, ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’. The theme may be dark, but it’s an infectious tune which showcases both voices at their best.   'I Got You’ is anothery appealing ballad with an even more infectious melody, which cleverly gives a nod to the Sonny & Cher song of the same name. ‘Now & Then’ boasts twangy guitar and a more country-ish feel; ‘So Many Tears’ is more Fleetwood Mac style West Coast pop; while ‘Pillar Of The Community’ is on a par with anything that the likes of say, Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash have done in the past. Elsewhere, the bare-boned ballad, ‘Far Away From Love’, is a definite highlight with B taking the lead vocal. They rock out a little harder on the edgy ‘True Believers’, but there is nary a dip in quality'' (Colm O' Hare - HOTPRESS MAGAZINE)


  • ‘Mythen is a real discovery, her voice filling your heard with pure soul as she gets under the skin of the songs and sings them from the inside out.’ 

(Jackie Hayden – music journalist and author) 


  •  ‘Another great discovery’. 

(Ryan Tubridy - About Mythen)